A very interesting article on the aspects of creativity.

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Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Julie Burstein is waving a pot at us. She is a fan of pottery, it turns out, and she starts off her talk by describing the Raku tradition, generally found in Japanese tea ceremonies. What’s particularly wonderful about Raku, she says, is both the speed at which pots are made and the fact that any resulting imperfections are cherished. This, she says, has provided a useful lesson for her in her career as a radio producer, as she gets to play with the tension between what she can control and what she has to let go. “That tension happens all the time, whether I’m creating a radio show or just at home, negotiating with my two teenage sons.”

When it came to writing her book, Burstein realized that the steps were reversed. “I realized creativity grows out of everyday experiences more often than we might…

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